Women’s Health Live Festival

October was the start of my return to gym! The long time wasted gym membership debit orders that go off on the 1st of each month, into the gym abyss, has come to an end! Let me back track a little … towards the end of 2015, I needed an operation which, after 3 weeks out of hospital, led to a blood clot, which led to a pulmonary embolism in my lungs, which almost killed me. It took about 2 years to feel like my usual self, although my left leg and foot will never be the same again. Hence, I did not feel healthy enough to venture into a gym. Thank the powers that be, that now I can at least walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a brisk level 5! Slowly but surely, I am getting there, literally one step at a time.

Since I am finally on a path to fitness, I am delighted to tell you that on the 10th and 11th of November 2018, Women’s Health (WH) magazine are launching the first ever Women’s Health Live Festival – a weekend of wellness.

It will be held at The Wanderers Sports Club in Johannesburg. Think of it as a Coachella of Wellness – three stages (entitled Trends, Fitness and Inspiration) supported by amazing speakers, fascinating panel conversations and interviews led by the WH editors chatting to cover stars, celebrities, fit family, social influencers and experts who will be sharing stories, experiences, expertise and knowledge.

Finally a chance to ask Queen Fitnass, Mapule Ndhlovu, how to get those chocolate block abs? Or Takkies how she got her post-baby body back on track? Or PopUp Gym’s Letshego Zulu about her new mountaineering adventure next year to climb all seven global peaks. Or beauty experts what is best for your skin. Or WH cover star Unathi Nkayi on her fitness journey and new lease on life. Or WH food editor, Amy Hoppy, what to eat at your desk for a healthy work hour lunch. Or author Sam Beckbessinger on how to manage your money better. Or Amanda du-Pont, well, really, anything – maybe just on how to be as glowy as Amanda du-Pont.

The inaugural Women’s Health Live Festival is set to coincide with their 100th edition in December 2018. In this issue, and with an aligned content hub at WomensHealthSA.co.za they will be releasing the WH Hot 100 2019, profiling their pick of the local game changers, which will include their speaker line-up.

This incredible access to these key names in their various spaces will be supported by beauty pop-up bars, like the ghd Braids Bar where the fitness trend for braided hair will see the stylists braiding free of charge and also hosting tutorials on how to do everything from a boxer braid to a fishtail. Beauty brands will be dishing makeovers and advice, while the fashion market will see a summer pop-up selling local labels across swimwear, kaftans, hats and cover ups, as well as a Christmas pop-up with amazing local gift ideas from jewellery to stationery.

The stages will be taken over by the speakers and workshops, but also by fitness classes… eg. Mapule and Takkies, Caralishious, Lisa Raleigh, Inge Bezuidenhout and others will all be making an appearance to take the crowd through movement sessions.


Tickets are on sale for R350 per day at Quicket.co.za (or R500 for a weekend pass). Your entrance fee gets you access to all classes, all stage presentations and pop-up workouts and beauty treatments and grazing tables, as well as a loads of samples and beauty and foodie treats from exhibitors to fill your goodie bag. Doors open at 10am and close at 5pm.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

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