Montecasino’s “Night Out for 2”


As we all know, the cost living keeps soaring, fuel prices are getting us down and having enough money for even one fun night out, after paying your bills, sometimes seems like a miracle! Well, Montecasino have come the rescue with their “Night Out for 2” package. So, what do you get, how much does it cost and how do you get it, I hear you asking?


You purchase a pack of 4 vouchers for R450 and each voucher is for Movies for 2, Meal for 2, Drinks for 2 and Fun for 2.

You get to choose where you want to eat, at either:

Choose where you want to get “before or after” drinks – mocktails are an option too, from either:

3Sixty Liquid Lounge


Texan Wing Bar

Casino Floor

Using all 4 vouchers on the same day or night, may be a bit too much, so luckily one can use the vouchers on different days/nights, before the expiry date of 30 November 2018.

The Movies for 2 are redeemable at MonteMovies for any 2 x 2D movie and the Entertainment is for either Lazer Zone or Ten Bin Bowling. I still need to redeem these two vouchers.

Valued at R800, the package is available at R450, offering the opportunity to enjoy a night or day out to celebrate, impress a date, or just to enjoy a well-deserved treat.

For those of you who are not familiar with Montecasino, they have opened an array of new eateries and restaurants in the past year, so it is well worth checking out!

We decided to have drinks at 3SIXTY Liquid Lounge and dinner at the very Italian Verdicchio. Upon first entry, Verdicchio looks like any other restaurant, but then our waiter took us downstairs to the “cellar” and the vibe instantly felt like I was in the winelands of Tuscany.


I love this decor at Verdicchio.



Downstairs in the “cellar” at Verdicchio restaurant.


Main course


“Night out for 2” vouchers can be purchased until 10 November and redeemed until 30 November 2018, from the Montecasino Box Office, the Guest Relations Desk or Mobile Kiosk and all offers can be redeemed by presenting the respective voucher at the participating outlet. Vouchers can be redeemed on different days. The offers are valid throughout the promotion period, seven days a week, excluding public holidays.

Get all the details here.


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