New Host for Ultimate Braai Master (Season 8)

Tapfuma Makina, one of South Africa’s favourite news and sports anchors, has been announced as the new Ultimate Braai Master (UBM) host for Season 8 (S8).

Rhodes University scholar, Tapfuma Makina’s plans to continue on and study medicine after completing his BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology changed direction after becoming a presenter on campus radio revealed a natural talent for storytelling.

Now, after almost two decades in radio and television, as well as hosting and presenting premieres and awards across sports, enterprise and entertainment, broadcasting is in his professional DNA.

His distinctive voice, familiar to many from HeartFM, Top Billing, eNCA and beyond, has captured many SA broadcasting highlights in recent years.

Best known for his love of sport, Makina is excited to explore his additional passions for travel, food and discovering the unique talents of all South Africans as he joins UBM S8’s search for SA’s Ultimate Braai Master of 2023, premiering on at 5pm on 5th February 2023.

In a nod of appreciation to former UBM producer and host Justin Bonello, who has hung up his braai tongs after seven successful seasons, Makina says “It’s an honor to take up the baton. Justin created one of South Africa’s most iconic and longest running reality TV Shows. That we’re now in season eight of the show proves how phenomenal a concept it is, and how loved he was as a host. It’s a privilege to be a part of the house that Bonello built.”

Makina goes on to clarify; “I love food, but I am no chef, and have nothing but respect for those with that innate talent!  No, I leave that to the experts, Benny and Pete, now in their 5th series together on UBM, who better to judge? I’m simply the task master, my job is to help the braai master hopefuls, and our audience navigate the mechanics of the show, and steer them through the twists and turns that comprise the journey to finding the next Ultimate Braai Master.”

About Ultimate Braai Master

Ultimate Braai master is a television show, produced by Trace Studios, where teams of two compete against each other in various braai challenges across 13 episodes. Teams are eliminated along the way and the winning team can win amazing prizes and will take home the ownership of the Season 8 Ultimate Braai Master title.

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