Halls gives creativity a space to breathe

A true artist doesn’t just create art: they breathe their passion into their work and give it a life of its own. Now, Halls is creating a place where artists can breathe for their craft.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people turned to the things that they cared about most for comfort in the face of uncertainty – passions like food, music and art. Now, in a world that’s slowly returning to normal, people are looking to brands with the question, “What are you passionate about?” Halls – South Africa’s #1 boiled candy – exists to help people breathe better so that they can focus on the things that really matter. That’s why Halls is founding The Breathing Space: a dedicated hub in the centre of Johannesburg where up-and-coming artists and designers can breathe for their craft and bring their flavour to life in the freshest ways, under the guidance and mentorship of Mzansi’s creative queen, Karabo Poppy.

Zainab Mohamed, Category Brand Manager for Candy at Mondelez SA says, “With the power of menthol, Halls helps consumers re-centre, refresh and go for it. Through The Breathing Space, we want to focus on the power of mentorship in guiding and igniting the fire behind our passions and enabling people to move in the right direction.”

Karabo and mentees

Halls, Karabo and her mentees – carefully hand-selected by Karabo herself – will embark on this mentorship journey together, collaborating during their weeks spent at The Breathing Space and sharing their creative progress via regular updates on social media. The mentees’ final creations will be showcased as the designs for exclusive merchandise that are set to be auctioned to the public.

Mentee working

The mentees aren’t the only ones lucky enough to learn from Karabo’s wisdom: Halls are developing a WhatsApp chatbot that will allow members of the public to engage with this artist extraordinaire and receive mentorship for their passions, inspiring them to breathe for their passions.

Karabo Poppy

Halls is dedicated to helping the world breathe better, and the unveiling of the Breathing Space also celebrates the launch of Halls’ innovative new flavours: Cola Burst and Ice Tea Zing, infused with caffeine and Vitamin B6 to represent the intensity of life. With Cola Burst and Ice Tea Zing, you’ll have the breath, conviction and determination you need to live life to the fullest and achieve your aspirations, whatever they might be.

So go on, Mzansi: Breathe for it #UngapheliUmoya

“Get Ready with a Halls Cooling Breath”



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