Urchin Makes Waves in Cape Town’s Culinary Scene

The culinary panorama in the Mother City has been elevated with the opening of Urchin Restaurant, located at The Hyatt Regency Cape Town on Buitengracht Street.

There is a complexity to achieving true simplicity in a restaurant setting. It is an art. At Urchin Restaurant it is a beautifully and precisely choreographed ballet in which sustainable fresh fish and seafood are the prima and danseur. The hallmarks of the Urchin elemental ocean dining experience are underpinned by excellent, unobtrusive service, locally sourced and produced ingredients, and world class wine from a carefully curated wine cellar.

The Chef

Throughout his life, Chef Gerard van Staden has strived to achieve greatness within his chosen field, and so far, his personality and inquisitiveness have allowed him to achieve many great things in South Africa and abroad. Growing up in a single parent family in Zimbabwe, Gerard taught himself to cook out of necessity, not knowing that he was following a path which would eventually lead him to becoming acclaimed Chef of the Year on three occasions, alongside South Africa’s Number One restaurant in two different locations.

The Inspiration

Gerard Van Staden showcases his signature seafood-based cooking at Urchin, fueled by a life-long obsession with the elemental flavours of the ocean. Inspired by travels up and down the nation’s coast, and drawing on influences from across Africa, Asia and Europe; Gerard and his team cook exciting, occasionally mischievous dishes, rooted in classic techniques that pop with flavour.

Chef Gerard van Staden

The Menu

Like its namesake, Urchin’s menu showcases seafood in many delectable dishes which are as impressive on the palate as they are on the eyes. Chef Gerard van Staden’s menu ignites all five senses with a combination of flavours and textures all engineered to surprise and delight in every way. The complete Urchin journey means portions have been proportionately curated, allowing for a multiple course adventure where the fruits of the ocean are the stars.

With a sushi counter, à la carte and tasting menus, coupled with curated wine pairings, Urchin is a peerless food and drink experience built on old school hospitality and epic cooking with an exciting modern edge. Chef Gerard’s culinary style is a culmination of the influences of many different chefs, as well as the diverse countries he has lived and worked in.

Reservations for Urchin can be made via Dineplan or by calling +27 21 214 1234.

For more information, please visit the Urchin Restaurant website on http://urchinrestaurant.co.za

Follow Urchin Restaurant on Instagram: @Urchin_CT and Facebook: @UrchinCT



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