NeoVita Chewable Vitamins – Review

As the year draws to a close and the new year beckons, taking stock of one’s health becomes important, especially as one gets older. I’ve already made a list of the specialists I need to see in 2022, but for day-to-day health, vitamins can be a part of one’s arsenal of defense for increased wellness, alongside exercise and eating well, of course.

A few weeks ago, the team from NeoVita vitamins reached out to me to review four bottles from their new range.

As someone who already takes about 4 pills a day for other health issues, taking more tablets is not what I am looking for, so I was glad to hear that NeoVita are actually flavoured, chewable vitamins.


Radiant Skin chewable vitamins contain botanicals rich in omegas to promote healthy, moisturised skin. As a person in her 40’s, skin elasticity and prevention of dry skin is important to looking healthy, so popping two of these a day, will assist in reaching this goal and preventing that flaky dry skin! I’ve noticed a positive difference in my skin’s moisture levels. It tastes like passion fruit, so that helps.

Probi-Tum Probiotic aids digestion, maintains flora balance and can help to prevent tummy bloating, heartburn and acid reflux. I have tummy bloating issues, and it’s so annoying because I regularly get asked “So when are you due?” and I’m not pregnant!

In other words, this is the good stuff for your gut that gives you regular bowel movements. One doesn’t really think of regular bowel movements as something to appreciate, but believe me, when you hit a certain age, you start to thank your lucky stars for each one 😊. These gummies were really effective, let me just reiterate! The apple taste is a plus.

Luscious Hair for Hair, Skin and Nails has biotin, folic acid and vitamin C, to strengthen one’s hair, skin and nails, and who doesn’t want that? It’s recommended for thinning hair (and I’ve noticed some of this as I get older), receding hairlines, hair breakage, acne and brittle nails. I can see that my nails are stronger and don’t break as easily, plus there’s a lot less hair in my shower drain! This one tastes like berries.

Daily Women’s MultiVitamin contains vitamins B, C, D and E, antioxidants, cranberry and folic acid, which helps in producing new cells. Most of us are either physically and/or mentally active each day, which can take its toll, so having an extra boost in the form of this Daily MultiVitamin is a plus. I’ve taken stand alone folic acid for years, as it helps in building new cells, so having this as part of a multi-vitamin is a cool combo! This one tastes peachy.

Each bottle contains 60 gummies (chewable vitamins) and popping 2 a day means that each bottle is a month’s supply.

They sell from about R169 per bottle and combo deals are also available on the NeoVita website on where you can buy the full range and get more details.

The NeoVita range that I was sent are Vegetarian Friendly and Halaal.



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