The Future of Office Working Space: More Innovation, Less Stress

We’ve seen Airbnb disrupt the entire hospitality industry and today, the biggest taxi company in the world, Uber, doesn’t own a single vehicle. Shared space and assets are not only more practical and affordable than the alternative, but are also rising in popularity globally.

In Cape Town, Africa’s most expensive city for real estate, co-working spaces have become the go-to option for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, SME’s or large companies.

Inner City | Ideas Cartel (IC | IC), located in the heart of Cape Town, offers a diverse, luxury experience. In addition to the co-working offices, company offices, meeting rooms, there’s also a magnificent rooftop and 98-seater auditorium used for events. Members of Inner City | Ideas Cartel have full access to the 11-storey building’s restaurant, coffee bar, library, gym, tailor, barber and rooftop pool.

As if that’s not enough, IC | IC is entirely stress-free – they offer pet-friendly meeting rooms. Yes, it’s bring-your-dog-to-work-day, every day.

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Schuyler Vorster, Founder and Director of Inner City | Ideas Cartel attributes the popularity of shared office space to its offer of and emphasis on community, collaboration, innovation and affordability.

The aesthetics, then, must be a bonus.

Its contemporary design consists of large glass panels, rustic woods, industrial steel and touches of warm leathers to create a state-of-the-art workplace. Just being in this environment is enough to inspire creativity and improve productivity.

For a one-time offer, Inner City | Ideas Cartel are offering free membership for two months in 2018 to companies, startups or individuals who would benefit from working in an innovative, collaborative shared office space like IC | IC. Resident accountants, lawyers, recruiters, consultants and marketers who can provide their services to IC | IC members are legible for three free months this year.

Join today. (Or Friday – when there’s free pancakes!)

For more details, please contact:

Inner City Ideas Cartel

Contact Nicolette on 081 598 4949

Twitter: @ideascartel
Instagram: @ideascartel
Facebook: @ideascartel



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