Skip Fashion Exchange

I grew up with “hand me downs” and wearing some of my mother’s and grandmother’s clothing, bringing an authentic realness to the term “vintage”.

In fact, I still wear one or two items of clothing that belonged to my late mother, and to me, it is still stylish to this day. I’ve also swapped clothing with friends, and find nothing wrong with wearing “previously owned” clothing, as long as it is in good shape.

Enter the Skip Fashion Exchange, which takes swapping clothing to a new level. I attended the launch the other evening, at Sandton City Mall, in Johannesburg, and was eager to see what I could swap for my Mango pleated colourful skirt. (Pity that I forgot to take a photo of this skirt before I handed it in).

Here’s how the Skip Fashion Exchange works:

The Skip Fashion Exchange offers a unique opportunity to exchange clothes for similar quality replacements. There are three categories: High Street (Contemporary brands available under popular retail flagship brands or mass produced fashion brands. Characteristics are modern, extremely trendy, seasonal and affordable), Premium (Expensive variants of commodities with less craftsmanship than luxury brands. More accessible and affordable compared to luxury brands. Modern, sleek design and manufactured with precision) and Luxury (Luxury items are very expensive, exclusive and rare. Craftsmanship is of utmost importance. These brands have history, pedigree and are manufactured in limited quantities).

Participants can register their garments in advance at or on the day at the Sandton City pop-up store. Skip Fashion Exchange staff will check each item and then facilitate equal value swaps.

I handed my Mango pleated skirt in for assessment, and it was placed in the Premium section, so I was handed a Premium tag. This meant that I could exchange the skirt for one item in the Premium labeled racks in the pop up store, or for two High Street items. The are also bags, shoes and accessories that one can swap out, so the range is large.

Shashi Naidoo (Brand Ambassador) and Jennifer Butcher (Stylist)

The pop up store is currently open at Sandton City Mall and runs until 31 July from Monday to Saturday, from 9am-8pm and Sunday, from 9am-6pm.

I eventually found something that was my size and that I actually liked and suited my style. A black and red number from Adam & Eve with the price tag still attached!

Here’s a picture –  it actually looks good on me, although this photo makes it looks a little drab.

The Skip Fashion Exchange is constantly updated, so you can hold onto your tokens and keep checking back in until you find something you love.

Palesa Mahlaba (Brand Ambassador) and I

The Skip Fashion Exchange Brand Ambassadors for this year are Minki Van Der Westhuizen, Palesa Mahlaba and Shashi Naidoo. Palesa and Shashi were at the launch I attended, and were chatting to “swappers” and showing us just how simple it is to mix and match high street items with premium/luxury ones.

Shashi Naidoo (Brand Ambassador) and I

Jennifer Butcher is the stylist on site, who can assist you with your choices and direct you as to what accessories will work with what pieces.

Jane Fenner, Laundry Director for Skip, says that “Because Skip cares about clothes, we want to ensure consumers garments get the love they deserve. So instead of hanging onto the garments that never make it out of your closet, head on over to the Skip Fashion Exchange, where you get to swap them for someone else’s pre-loved items. It’s a win-win for everyone’s wardrobe.”

Shashi Naidoo and Palesa Mahlaba (Brand Ambassadors)

If your closet needs revamping or you’re looking to make some of your old clothes new again, then visit or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SkipSouthAfrica #SkipFX2017










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