Ponds Institute pop-up experience at Sandton City


Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex Brand Ambassador Ayanda Thabethe

I grew up knowing Pond’s because my grandmother used Pond’s Vanishing Cream everyday, so I was keen to learn more about the brand’s history when I was invited to the opening of the Pond’s Institute pop-up experience at Sandton City as well as the launch of their revolutionary New Pond’s Pimple Clear.

This new product range is imbued with revolutionary Lock + Clear technology, which is the first in the world to lock powerful pimple-fighting Active Thymo-T Essence deep inside pimple causing germ cells to clear pimples from the root.

This groundbreaking skin care innovation was revealed at the opening of The Pond’s Institute pop-up experience at Sandton City. From the 22nd of February until the 12th of March, consumers can visit The Pond’s Institute at Sandton City and learn more about the science behind their favourite Pond’s products, experience the Environmental Skin Damage Capsule, get a personalized skin analysis, and receive a skin care regime tailored to their specific needs.


Pond’s Pimple Clear Brand Ambassador Celeste Khumalo

I was amazed to learn that the Pond’s Institute has a global network of over 700 scientists, and can therefore be a pioneer in skincare by:

  • Designing molecules clinically proven to deliver superior skin results.
  • Analysing the evolving needs of different skin types around the world.
  • Uncovering insights on how these skin factors influence people’s perceptions.

Mishkah Roman-Cassiem

Thanks to yet another skincare innovation from The Pond’s Institute, today, pimple sufferers can experience clearer, healthier skin in just three days. The New Pond’s Pimple Clear is an anti-pimple breakthrough, formulated with thyme and pine oils, and based on over 170 years of research into the skincare needs of women the world over.  The range consists of a Facial Foam and a Leave-On Expert Cleansing Gel, and is best used twice per day, in the morning and evening, as part of a daily regime.



I entered the Environmental Skin Damage Capsule which is part of the installation, and was shocked to learn about the damage that can be caused to one’s skin in just 10 minutes of sun exposure. Here are some of them:

Scientists have discovered that the average amount of UV reaching the Earth’s surface has significantly increased over the last 30 years due to the decrease of ozone in our atmosphere. Shade offers little relief, with pavements reflecting up to 45% of damaging UV rays. Even indoors, our skin is under threat from deep penetrating UVA rays, 70% of which pass through glass. What’s more, rising pollution levels make things worse. According to scientific research, our faces are bombarded by about 1.2 million particles a day. Imagine how many particles can build on our face in 10 minutes. These particles are 200 times smaller than visible pores, and are believed to be able to penetrate deep into skin causing 20% more spot formations.


Pond’s vintage advertising campaign



What to expect at the pop-up experience

Check out the very informative Pond’s Institute pop-up experience at the Checkers court in Sandton City until the 12th of March 2017, to find out more about their products or go to www.ponds.com.














2 thoughts on “Ponds Institute pop-up experience at Sandton City

  1. Hi

    My name is Lebogang msibi I was at the ponds setup at sandton city on Monday with my girlfriend, we both tried a few products nd we were very happy with them, on Thursday I received a SMS saying iv won a hamper.. But the problem is I won’t be able to make it today as its the last day ul be in sandton. Is there anyway I can come and collect my price after the 12th? Maybe from a different location or maybe it can be posted to me?

    As a guy iv never tried ponds cause I thought its a girls product so this is the perfect time for me to try it out, and if I’m hooked then I’ll start buying it.

    Your response would be appreciated
    Kind regards
    Lebogang Msibi


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