Society Coffee Launches New Mochaccino Flavour

It’s been two years…two very long years…of lockdown, social distancing and disconnection from family and friends.  Most of us have been altered in one way or another by COVID-19 protocols and lockdowns. Whether we have become more family-orientated, more anxious or more of a homebody, we have all been affected.

A survey conducted by Specsavers assessed what people have missed most during the lockdown period. Turns out, it’s the little things that matter the most. Of the respondents, 83% noted the freedoms of day-to-day life were most missed. However, the overriding theme was that people are longing for those everyday connections. 

Connecting with people outside of our immediate family, extended family and work colleagues after two years of disconnection can be somewhat daunting. Many may feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to being around people again, even with COVID-19 protocols in place.

However, Society Cappuccinos is encouraging South Africans to take the plunge and initiate connecting with friends and loved ones again, whether in person, or over a phone call or video call, based on the fundamental belief that we really are better together. To bring people together, Society has launched a new Mochaccino which unites two things people love – coffee and chocolate.

Images: Supplied by Society

“Humans are actually hardwired to socialise, it’s important for our mental and emotional health,” explained Society’s COO, Natalie White. “But it’s understandable that many are still a bit cautious about socialising in public spaces. Society Cappuccinos is about creating the coffee shop experience wherever you are – so for those who are anxious to go out, they can enjoy a coffee shop experience with a friend or loved one at home.”

As Jane Stoneham, Director of Sensory Trust explained in a British-based Metro news article: ‘We know that connecting with people and places on a sensory level provides deeper, longer lasting experiences.’ The sound of friends’ laughter, the smell of a Mochaccino…these create much more meaningful social connections.

The new Society Mochaccino brings together two things that many will agree are truly better together – coffee and chocolate.  Society Mochaccinos are made from the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans paired with indulgent Cocoa – bringing together premium coffee and chocolate for an indulgent taste experience.

Images: Supplied by Society

“Society Cappuccinos is a brand that promotes connection, conversations, and coming together – because we know as humans we can’t live without connection” added White. “That’s why we’re bringing people together over our newest launch, Society Mochaccino. This combines two things most people can’t live without – coffee and chocolate!”

Enjoy the new Society Mochaccino in one of three ways:

1.       The Hot Mocha

For those cooler days, try this variation of the hot Mochaccino to warm up your body and soul.

  • Add 200ml boiling water to a sachet of Society Mochaccino and stir
  • Add a dash of cold milk if desired
  • Optional: Top with grated chocolate
Images: Supplied by Society

2.       Iced Mocha

Cool off on warmer days with this refreshingly cool iced Mochaccino.

  • Add 50ml boiling water to a sachet of Society Mochaccino and stir
  • Add 150ml cold milk, mix
  • Add iced cubes or crushed ice
Images: Supplied by Society

3.       Mochaccino Milkshake

For those with a sweet tooth – and a love of coffee – this Mochaccino milkshake recipe is a must try!

  • Add 50ml boiling water to a sachet of Society Mochaccino and stir
  • Add 100ml cold milk and 2 scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, mix
  • Optional: Top with a scoop of ice cream
Images: Supplied by Society

Don’t miss the Society Mochaccino giveaway!

Society is giving away a crafted Society Mochaccino hamper for one lucky winner to share with their loved ones. Simply head over to @oursocietycoffee on Facebook to enter before 31 March 2022.

Society Mochaccinos are available at selected Pick n Pay, Spar and Checkers stores, as well as and via their online store at

Join the conversation @oursocietycoffee on Facebook and Instagram.

(All images: Supplied by Society)








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