Christmas at Cresta Shopping Centre

December is the best time to enjoy quality family time together. With its fun activities and abundance of adventure, Cresta makes it easy for shoppers to get their Christmas on, with their safe and innovative festive SEAson program. In addition, the first-class entertainment lineup is so impressive that shoppers will look for excuses to make multiple visits to the mall.

Cresta is a progressive mall with mixed-use spaces that bring together entertainment, leisure, health and wellness, and other novel experiences. The centre has created community spaces where people meet, socialise and build consciousness for the environment. With over 34 fish species, the CrestAquarium Fish Tank transports shoppers and especially children to a peaceful and magical space. Children learn about the importance of protecting the marine environment at the Under the Sea Marine Exploration Exhibition at Cresta, which provides a realistic experience with animatronic models where visitors feel they are on the Coast while exploring this exhibit. The exhibition reminds us of the beauty and majesty of marine life and our responsibility to protect it. Especially for inlanders to become more conscious of our impact and footprint, we teach children the importance of picking up after themselves and keeping our beaches clean and safe.

Especially since we are so starved of live entertainment and events, Cresta Shopping Centre will host a free Christmas Eve show at the Main Banking Court, where The Cirk’s spectacular aerial show will stun audiences. Their aerial art and performances will push the boundaries of the art form. In addition, there is a variety of performances planned by headliners like Pops Mohamed and the Young Rebel Recording Studio, who will entertain shoppers with shows and live music.

For some added nostalgia and lifelong Christmas memories, young families can capture their children’s excitement at meeting Father Christmas at the Santa Photo area in the upper-level food court. Pictures are affordably priced at R10 for digital and R20 for printed images.

With toes squiggling in the sea sand, parents can watch their children from the beach-themed rest area at the Barnyard Court.  A giant Octopus Jumping Castle and crafts, augmented reality and virtual reality attractions will keep children of all ages fully absorbed for hours on end.  “We understand the importance of using technology to enhance our brand experience, and we know this is what appeals to our customers of all ages”, says Virginia Bester, General Manager of Cresta Shopping Centre. 

With a sense of community through providing a pleasant and convenient place for people to shop and socialise, Cresta Shopping Centre makes it easy for shoppers to wrap their Christmas gifts.   Brand Ambassadors will wrap customers’ gifts free of charge when till slips of stores within the centre are provided.  Three gift-wrapping stations are located throughout the mall.

Cresta believes in giving back, and together with the community, they want to spread some Christmas cheer to the needy. Cresta management has partnered with charity organisations, Kindness like Confetti and Mini Miracles, to support new mothers and babies from disadvantaged communities who are destitute. They appeal to shoppers to donate hospital packs which include clothing and toiletries. Collection points are provided at the gift-wrapping station.

Cresta focuses on safety and convenience, balancing consumers’ desire for social interaction with their need for a safe, easy shopping experience. Cresta management puts safety first and complies with all safety and health protocols. Sanitiser is available at all high-traffic touchpoints.

Virginia Bester remarks that Cresta Shopping Centre has put in all the necessary measures to remain relevant, resilient and improve the customer experience to emerge even stronger.

The interactive SEAson kicked off on 13 December 2021.

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