Iconic Connex Atomiser – Review

I recently returned from Thailand (blog posts about this terrific country to follow soon) and I took along those perfume samples that one gets for free in magazines and at perfume counters, just because I did not want to take along my 50ml or 100ml bottles of perfume, and then run the risk of it being confiscated at customs! But all of that is easily remedied by using an atomiser from Iconic Connex.

I was sent an atomiser to review, and here are my thoughts.

In all transparency, the first 100 ml bottle that I used to dispense the perfume into the atomiser did not work, but this was because of the size of the nozzle on the perfume bottle (the hole seemed a bit small compared to my other 100ml bottle nozzles). I then tried a few of my other favourite perfumes, and it worked, easy peasy! The atomiser filled up after about 10 or so pumps. Now I can take the atomiser, filled with my favourite perfume, along in my bag and on my travels, as it is safe for carry on luggage and it fits in the palm of your hand.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fill your atomiser:

The atomisers are available in a range of colours, and sell for R120 each, excluding VAT and postage, and can by purchased via Iconic Connex. Just WhatsApp Kubashni Govender on cell 082 325 7957, to place your order.






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