Painting Joburg Blu (Radisson Blu)

Back when I lived in Cape Town and worked as a Production Manager on international commercials, I often went to view hotels, so that I could see where our overseas clients would be staying. I was reminded of this time in my career, when I was invited (together with a group of other influencers, bloggers and media) to experience what the Radisson Hotels in Johannesburg have to offer clients. Enter #BluJoburg.


Commencing at the Sandton Gautrain Station, we were given a warm and enthusiastic welcome by the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel team and asked to submit our predictions of the number of steps between the station and the hotel. This kicked off the event on an energetic and thrilling note (and at times, nerve-wracking, as I dodged the Sandton traffic!).

I counted 186 steps, but apparently there are 155 steps, from the Gautrain Station to the entrance of the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. Just missed it by 31 steps!

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel team

Maintaining the infectious energy of this stylish hotel, we were then taken to the hotel’s Pool Deck to enjoy the ambiance and refreshing drinks.

The next stop was the hotel’s on-site restaurant, Central One to taste their freshly launched scrumptious menu, before embarking on an exciting treasure hunt within a few of the hotel rooms and ending off with a fun salsa dance.

Chef David Williams

“The hotel’s most unique feature, aside from its vibrant energy, is definitely the convenient location, being the closest hotel to the Sandton Gautrain Station. It was great having the guests literally experience the close proximity in such an interactive way,” said Werner Geere, General Manager of Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. “We were also able to showcase the unique spaces within the hotel and the unique identities they each have, from our restaurant and pool deck to our exquisite rooms.”

The view from Central One

We were then transported to the final stop, the iconic Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, also situated in Africa’s most affluent square mile, via luxury cars including a Masarati, a BMW X3 and a BMW 5 series. Greeted with champagne and oysters, we were taken on an exclusive tour of the hotel, beginning with the dynamic meeting and events spaces, which ranges from elegant board rooms to a sophisticated 96-seater auditorium. In between viewing the rest of the unique spots within the hotel, we enjoyed a food and wine pairing on the hotel’s famous Pool Deck, overlooking the sweeping views of the city.

To culminate the jam-packed day, we were served delectable desserts in the hotel’s premium Business Class Lounge.

Volkan Vural, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton said, “Our mantra, as with all our hotels is simply to make every moment matter by delivering excellence when it comes to service. I’m honoured that we were able to showcase our stylish and sophisticated hotel, its unique facilities, along with our world-reknowned hospitality and look forward to welcoming them back soon.”

When I visit my home town of Cape Town (in the Western Cape Province of South Africa) the Radisson Blu Waterfront is one of my favourite places for sundowners, overlooking the azure sea water, as the waves crash against the dolosse (a world renowned South African invention – a concrete block in a complex geometric shape, weighing up to 20 tons, used in great numbers to protect harbour walls from the erosive force of ocean waves).

Now, the Radisson Hotels in Johannesburg, are beginning to grow on me too!

Some of the bloggers that I met included @queenofjozi and @wisaal

The impressive 3 level Planet Fitness gym in the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton

A view of the gym’s bar area

Me, exhausted after a day of fun activities!

Saadiyah Hendricks, Area PR Manager: Africa & Indian Ocean, and I














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