Starbucks® Launches New Espresso Capsules

Starbucks has announced the launch of a range of Starbucks Espresso Capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines* in South Africa.

The new espresso capsules will be available in Starbucks stores in Johannesburg and Pretoria from 12 May. Coffee lovers will now have the opportunity to enjoy the same delicious coffee at home as they do in store, with a range of four Starbucks espressos. Starbucks Espresso Capsules are made from only the finest Arabica coffees and the range includes classic Espresso Roast, Colombia, Kenya, and Guatemala Antigua priced at  R95.00 for  a pack of 10 capsules.

The introduction of the range also coincides with the introduction of a recycling programme for the capsules. Starbucks South Africa have partnered with Waste Plan, a national on-site waste management company that specialises in recycling and the reduction of waste to landfill.

Through this partnership, customers will be able to recycle their used capsules by collecting a free recycling bag from their local Starbucks store when purchasing their capsules. This bag can be filled with up to 20 used capsules, before being returned to a Starbucks store. The used capsules will be distributed to one of Waste Plan’s partners to recycle in the production of other products .

Starbucks South Africa recently launched its Starbucks Rewards loyalty programme, and to celebrate the arrival of the new espresso capsules, will be offering Rewards members 10 Bonus Stars for every bag of recycled capsules deposited at a store.

Product range:

Starbucks Espresso Roast Capsules (pack of 10), R95.00

There is a caramelly sweetness that comes out in our Roast Espresso. This recipe is part of our history and forms the heart of all our espresso beverages. It’s a full-bodied blend with a rich aroma and a hint of caramel. Nothing beats the rich flavour of these high-grown beans.

 Starbucks Colombia Espresso Capsules (pack of 10), R95.00

Starbucks Colombia is a medium bodied coffee with a juicy acidity, herbal notes and a walnut-like taste. Starbucks Colombia is an ideal introduction to those new to coffee due to its sweet and nutty flavour, whilst also being a favourite of long-term coffee aficionados because of the complex flavours it offers.

 Starbucks Kenya Espresso Capsules (pack of 10), R95.00

Starbucks Espresso Kenya is a full bodied, juicy and balanced coffee. Its flavours are complex and rich, with high acidity and fruity notes – ranging from blackcurrant or blackberry to grapefruit. The flavours become more pronounced as the coffee cools and is delicious also served over ice, with a citrus fruit wedge.

 Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Espresso Capsules (pack of 10), R95.00

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua is an ideal choice for coffee fans looking for something a bit different. The perfect addition to your favourite coffee, adding cocoa and subtle spicy notes to create a delicious espresso.


*Third-party brand with no link to Starbucks Coffee Company. For more information, please visit








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