Healing Earth Review


I was fortunate to be sent a selection of four Healing Earth products from their Pinotage range, to review recently. I’ve been using these products for the past few weeks and here are my thoughts.

Healing Earth Anti-Oxidant Pinotage Cleansing Cream


This is a brightening cream cleanser that nourishes and refreshes the skin, while removing impurities. This cleanser, which reminded me of milk, is smooth but has no foaming ingredients, which personally, I don’t really prefer. I like a cleanser to foam so that it feels like my skin is really being cleaned, but, depending on your skin type, this creamy cleanser may work for you.

Retail price: R252,45

Healing Earth Anti-Oxidant Pinotage Facial Polish


This is a gentle exfoliating cream with rounded crushed grape seeds, which remove dead skin and impurities. Because I have rather dry skin, I found that this was a little too harsh for my skin type, and like most exfoliators with beads or seeds, it can be a little uncomfortable using it on your face for the first few times.

Retail price: R364,65

Healing Earth Anti-Oxidant Pinotage Facial Toner


This is a hydrating and refreshing toner that enhances the skin’s natural protection. Out of the 4 products received, this was my second favourite, mainly because it really felt refreshing, spritzing it onto my skin, especially in the heat waves that Gauteng has been experiencing recently. The spray nozzle is really useful for this purpose, and I now think that all toners should have a spritzing nozzle.

Retail price: R243,10

Healing Earth Jasmin and Boabab Stimulating Facial Serum


This serum felt nourishing in the sense that my dry skin really absorbed it well and I could see the difference after application, as there was less flaky skin and that dryness I usually feel after cleansing was gone. You warm two or three drops of the serum in your hands and then apply to a cleansed face, neck and décolletage, followed by your daily moisturizer. By far, this was my favourite product out of the 4 received because the oil based serum is truly nourishing.

Retail price: R542,30

The Healing Earth Pinotage range draws on the power of the proudly South African Pinotage grape cultivar, which provides the highest quality of cold-pressed oil extracts high in anti-oxidants, minerals, omegas and polyphenols. The Pinotage products combine the strong anti-oxidant qualities of Vitamin C and Vitamin E from the grape seed, skin and the leaves of the vine to provide the skin with a natural defence against harmful environmental factors such as the sun’s UV rays, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, drug intake, dietary fat and stress.

A Bit of Healing Earth History

After decades of working in the global spa industry, Elisabeth Brandt came to realize the international demand for pure, natural spa products and therapies sourced from the rich natural wealth of the African continent. Through her passion and determination to share the healing capabilities of Africa with the world, Elisabeth founded Healing Earth – a premium African spa brand that offers natural, organic products, therapies and spa concepts to discerning clients the world over.

From the depths of her roots to the tops of her trees, Africa offers a wealth of pristine natural ingredients. Healing Earth harnesses the restorative powers of the continent’s rich natural resources, lovingly creating pure organic products that are free from synthetic fragrances, colourants, petro chemicals, DEA, preservatives and parabens. Containing only the purest natural active ingredients, the indigenous, botanical skincare products are created from Africa’s powerful minerals, oceans, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils.

Healing Earth advocates a nurturing, conscious approach to beauty that is based on love for oneself, one’s fellow human beings and the precious earth. Passionate about environmental and social responsibility, the brand not only offers pure organic solutions, but also packages these in 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. All Healing Earth ingredients are bought from local farmers at Fairtrade prices, and the company employs previously disadvantaged workers wherever possible. The earth- and people-friendly brand is also animal-friendly, and neither the products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.

For further information on the Healing Earth concept and offering call +27 21 555 1896, e-mail info@healingearth.co.za or visit www.healingearth.co.za.




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