Beefcakes Illovo Review


I was recently invited to review a performance at Beefcakes in Illovo, Johannesburg. Now for those who may not know what Beefcakes is all about, it is a dinner and drag queen show, with loads of fun, dancing and singing all “mishmashed” together. The venue is also very popular for Bachelorette / Hens Night Parties, and when I say popular, I mean that there were not 1, 2 or 3 Hens Night Parties, but a whopping 9 of them, on the night that I attended.

We had the Party Pack menu followed by a fabulous performance by The Vamps – a drag queen duo who “belted” out classics by Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and other divas. Entertaining is an understatement for the venue and the show – it was thoroughly fun and enjoyable, in fact, this was the most fun that I’ve had in a while, to say the least.









The Beefcake Waiters


The Beefcake Waiters sans muscle tops.


Our Beefcake Waiter, Nathan

All 9 of the Brides to Be, were called up on to the stage and had their engagement rings “inspected” by one of the Vamps. Acerbic wit and sexual innuendos are de rigueur at events like this, but it is all in good faith and good fun.


“This is my Hens Night and I’ll scream if I want to.”





The Vamps had the crowd laughing and dancing, and at the end of the 45 minute set, walked around the entire venue to take photos with the patrons.


The Vamps and I


The venue was packed to the “rafters” and our beefcake of a waiter, Nathan, told us that this was a slow night, and that it gets even more packed on other Saturday nights. I recommend that you take as little with you as possible, as space is not on your side, and expect to be “poked” every now and again by waiters and patrons, as they pass you by. But all of that is overlooked, and surpassed, by the good vibes and party atmosphere.

This makes the perfect Girls Night Out, and is a place where you can let you hair down and bring out your inner diva.

For bookings, check out their website – or Facebook page –

There are 3 branches – one in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg – Illovo and Bedfordview.




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