Five Ways LIFT Has Changed Flying For The Better 

It’s been just over two years since LIFT first took to the skies, and during that time, the airline has transformed flying into a vastly improved and memorable experience for travellers who are looking for a full-service offering. 

Here are some of the ways LIFT has made a difference in the South African aviation industry:

No more punitive flight change or cancellation fees 

Sadly, life isn’t predictable. That can be a problem if you’ve booked a flight, only to find that you won’t be able to fly on the day in question. We’ve become accustomed to the restrictive policies employed by most airlines, requiring passengers to pay stiff penalties if their plans change. LIFT was the first airline to change this in a real, meaningful way,  earning the enviable reputation as “South Africa’s most flexible airline”. This is because LIFT allows passengers to change or cancel flights within 24 hours of their booking, without incurring any penalties and quick payouts into their LIFT wallet. It’s just as easy to change traveller details and again no fees or penalties are incurred. And the flexibility doesn’t end there: passengers who arrive early for their flight can check to see if any LIFT flights are scheduled to leave sooner – and if they are, and there are seats available, they’re welcome to hop on board.

Goodbye uniforms.

Sure, the uniforms traditionally donned by airline staff are smart, even a bit boring, and don’t look very comfortable . But LIFT wanted a different direction. They instead chose to provide the crew with more comfortable outfits that allow them to better attend to customers and flex the LIFT vibe. The staff are distinguished by attire including sneakers, jeans and golf shirts, giving them an approachable and warm look, and all locally sourced to support South African business – just another way Lift’s innovative culture manifests.

Free onboard snacks and & great coffee

Because LIFT is focused on its customer’s experience, it goes above and beyond in this department. That’s right: no more spending extra for your onboard munchies. Not only does LIFT take care of passengers’ snacks, but it also does so in style: travellers look forward to sampling some of the country’s best-loved brands onboard, including Vida e Caffe and Grumpy Snacks. Perhaps even a drink from our beautifully selected range of locally sourced wines or a GnT on an afternoon or evening flight. What’s more, those flying LIFT Premium – LIFT’s interpretation of business class – can look forward to little extras that make flying even more pleasurable: Each middle seat has also been converted into an additional tray table, guaranteeing travellers a window or aisle seat for optimum space and comfort. 

Premium travellers will also enjoy unlimited flight changes, priority boarding, fast-tracked security, priority customer support, a dedicated check-in area and lounge access. 

Bring hospitality back to aviation!

A smile and a helping hand don’t cost a thing and can make all the difference, which is why LIFT staff go out of their way to give a warm, friendly welcome. They’re known for being approachable: just a minute in their company is enough to assure you that they know all about the good and the bad of flying, and they’re here to make sure you experience only the former. An added bonus: your small fur babies are welcome on board. LIFT’s dog-friendly flights mean that your small dog can travel in the cabin with you, rather than spending the trip in the cargo hold – better for both of you!

Tech forward

Remember the days of waiting until just before your flight to check in? Long gone. Although online check-in has become commonplace, LIFT has taken the convenience of self-service a step further, communicating via WhatsApp to make it easy for passengers to keep track of all flight details.  

“At a time when so much is uncertain, we want our passengers to be sure that they can look forward to the very best air travel experience in South Africa,” Jonatha Ayache, co-Founder and CEO for LIFT, says. “We’re always looking for ways to set our services apart – and although we’re proud of how far we’ve come in this regard, we’ll keep finding new ways to innovate.”