Remember remember the 1st of Movember

I recently attended the launch of this year’s Movember. Now for those of you who may not know, Movember is held each year in November, and is a moustache growing charity initiative, which enjoys over 1.2 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world. Participants grow moustaches to generate awareness by getting men to talk about their health issues.

Movember is a global campaign in 21 countries and its vision is to “Change The Face of Men’s Health.” Last year saw more than 30 000 South Africans sign up and together raise more than R6.4million for local men’s health programmes. Globally, the campaign raised more than R1 billion last year.

The launch was held at Mish Mash restaurant in Greenside, and that name alone (besides the selfless service aspect) made me want to attend. Not only is Mish Mash the name of my other blog, ( and obviously the first part of my name, but I had never been there before and was eager to check out this restaurant. I Googled some images to see what patrons would be wearing, and promptly changed from heels and my LBD into something more comfy and casual (gladiator sandals and relaxed slacks).

I found it refreshing to be at an event where the preservation of the male species was of paramount importance. I mean, there are so many programs, events and even a holiday dedicated to women, but men need as much support too.

Guests were treated to pizza and drinks, and were entertained by Dave Ferguson, DJ Soosh and DJ Dean Fuel.

 Dave Ferguson entertaining guests at the Movember launch in Johannesburg copy

DJ Soosh, Garron Gsell from Movember South Africa and DJ Dean Fuel copy

While Movember reaches a decade since the first campaign in Australia in 2003, the campaign launched in South Africa in 2009. In 2012, Movember raised over R1,2 Billion globally, in 21 countries, towards men’s health programmes including prostate and testicular cancers as well as male mental health, becoming the largest non-governmental funder of prostate cancer programmes in the world. Quite an achievement, if you ask me.

If you are a Mo Bro or Mo Sista and want to support the Movember campaign of 2013, please sign up at and check out this awareness clip.


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