TUTANKHAMUN – His Tomb and His Treasures Exhibition


I was recently invited to the “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures” exhibition, which is currently on at the newly re-vamped Silverstar Casino, in Muldersdrift, Mogale City (the old Krugersdorp). I was beyond excited to see this exhibition, which has already been seen by over five million people worldwide! I was blown away by the exquisite multimedia displays and the amazing information told over the hand-held audio guides.


Burial chamber  - Canopic shrine TUTEX - Credit- SC Exhibitions_1









The exhibition has faithfully reconstructed the tomb of Tutankhamun to scale. There are over 1,000 exquisitely reconstructed burial treasures produced by the finest Egyptian craftsmen under scientific supervision. This exhibition offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the (perfectly replicated) antiquities from King Tut’s tomb – all under the roof of the specially constructed “Globe” – which is a new dome like venue at Silverstar.

You need to give yourself a good 2 hours at least, from start to finish – depending on how much info you want to listen to. The multimedia presentation includes the fascinating story behind the exploration and excavation by British archaeologist, Howard Carter, the history of the young pharaoh, and the culture of ancient Egypt.

Not only the intricate burial chamber’s contents can be seen, but also how everyday Egyptians experienced life “at court” – shoes, cosmetics used, furniture, etc. It was an eye-opener to see and hear what the ancient Egyptians believed and practiced, what they wore and how the Pharaohs were buried.
The exhibition is on until 12 April 2015, and for more info on ticket prices and opening times, please visit www.tut-exhibition.co.za.



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