Lovisa Birdcage Earrings – something to chirp about

photo 2

I first spotted a black and white version of these really delicate and beautiful birdcage earrings on a woman in a restaurant a while back, and I immediately made a mental note to keep my eyes peeled for them in the shops.

About a week later, I was browsing in Lovisa in Cresta as they had a 70% off sale…and found the pair that I was looking for, and the cherry on the top, was that they had a gold and white pair, which suites my colour palette even better. Pity that it was not on sale though, but worth the R150, if you ask me.

Talking about Lovisa, it presents some serious competition to Zuri (formerly known as Sass Diva). Both are Australian brands that first made an appearance in South Africa a few years ago, and both seem to have garnered a loyal following.

photo 3

I have to admit that I like Zuri better but it seems that Lovisa has a bigger range of costume jewellery. I have veered away from chunky jewellery of late, and prefer the more subtle and chic approach … less is more, as they say. The thing is, with smaller necklaces, you can layer them around your neck, and I think that a more delicate earring just looks more sophisticated than a gigantic metallic object weighing down your lobes!




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